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LG CNS Exceeds $200 million in the export of e-government system for the first time in Korea 2016-12-06

- Winning the contract for the Establishment of the Tax Revenue Information System in Laos -

■ LG CNS has achieved the $210 million export of e-government system by winning the contract of the tax revenue information system establishment in Laos
■ It has shown an outstanding performance in e-government system export by winning the contract in Southeast Asia as well as Central Asia
■ The ratio of overseas sales of LG CNS has gone up by more than 10% over the past 5 years, gaining momentum for making aggressive inroads into the overseas markets

LG CNS (CEO: Kim Young-Seob), Korea's representative IT service company in the field of electronic government (e-Government), is making aggressive inroads into the overseas markets while winning a series of e-Government projects abroad.

It has shown another outstanding performance in e-Government system export by concluding a contract for the establishment of Laos TaxRIS (Tax Revenue Information System) in Southeast Asia, following the winning of Uzbekistan Digital Library System Establishment Project in Central Asia last September.

LG CNS, a leading exporter of e-Government systems
LG CNS has many experiences in e-government system establishment both home and abroad. It possesses the world's top-class technology in e-government system establishment across many areas such as national taxes,·tariffs,·cash receipts, real-estate registration,·cadastre, security, control systems, national data centers and smart schools.

LG CNS has won 40 contracts in e-government system export alone, including the export of the tax revenue information system to Laos since the start of the Indonesian police agency project in 2006, and has achieved the total accumulated amount of USD 210 million (KRW 250 billion) in export, thus proving itself as a Korea's leading exporter of e-government systems.

And its export of e-government system is gaining further momentum thanks to the establishment of a joint corporation in Uzbekistan last year. The joint corporation is the result of both the Uzbekistan government's effort to attract advanced ICT companies to foster the local ICT industry and the LG CNS's effort to produce good results in overseas businesses. Since the establishment of the joint corporation, LG CNS has been establishing e-government systems such as integrated platforms, DB systems and digital libraries and is promoting the national geography information system (NGIS) business while expanding its target regions of exporting e-government systems in the wake of winning the Laos TaxRIS contract this time.

Winning the Laos TaxRIS contract proves LG CNS's outstanding technology in e-government establishment
This TaxRIS establishment project in Laos is one of the 12 key projects for the national electronic tax system run by Laos government to computerize the entire tax administration affairs. The size of the project is approx. 26 billion KRW and LG CNS will carry out the project with the support of the National Tax Service and Heunghwa Co., a mid-sized company in Korea, with the goal of deploying the system by 2020.

LG CNS will systematize the tax administration affairs in Laos such as tax investigation, collection and data conversion and establish infrastructures like servers, networks and data centers. It will also provide trainings about e-government systems to the local officials and practitioners in Laos.

So far, it has been impossible in Laos to come up with the accurate tax statistics as they have conducted tax administration affairs manually because there was no system for integrated data management and tax administration. Now, with this project, Laos can simplify and standardize its tax administration procedures, expecting to improve the efficiency of taxation affairs and ensure fair and transparent processes.

In addition, this Laos TaxRIS establishment project is meaningful in that the conclusion of the contract was greatly influenced by the LG CNS's successfully carrying out the projects in the area of national tax, such as the establishment of the tax integration system (TIS) in Korea and the establishment of the financial system in Indonesia.

“We will improve the efficiency of government affairs by establishing customized e-government systems for each country and transfer our know-hows as a leading ICT company in Korea, the IT powerhouse,” said Kim Young-Seob, CEO of LG CNS.

In the meanwhile, LG CNS is also gearing itself up for additional e-government projects in countries such as Uzbekistan and Bahrain this year and expects the ratio of its sales overseas to be more than 20% in 2016. The ratio of LG CNS's overseas sales has increased up to 20% in 2016 compared to 10% in 2010.

Key performances of LG CNS's e-government exports

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