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LG CNS Receives an Order for the Implementation of Digital Library System for the Uzbekistan National Library 2016-10-04

- LG CNS Expands the Electronic Government Market in Central Asia with the Digital Library System -

■ This is LG CNS's first export of the digital library system. With the export, LG CNS gained a foothold to export various types of electronic government systems
■ The digital library system connects the Uzbekistan national library with local libraries, implementing an integrated digital library infrastructure
■ LG CNS proves its technical superiority by exporting electronic government systems and continues to receive related orders successfully

LG CNS (CEO: Kim Young-Seob), Korea's representative IT service company in the field of electronic government (e-Government), starts to carry out the Uzbekistan e-Government business.

LG CNS signed a contract with the Ministry of Development of Information Technologies and Communications (MDITC), an Uzbekistan government organization, on the establishment of Uzbekistan digital library system (National Educational Electronic Library (NEEL) Project).

This project is one of the main businesses that the Uzbekistan president supports. It aims to implement the ICT-based digital library system in the National Library in Navoiy, Uzbekistan. Overall size of the project is approx. 13.5 billion KRW and the project is carried out with the support of Economic Development Cooperation Fund (EDCF) managed by the Export-Import Bank of Korea.

LG CNS will build a ▲ multimedia center, ▲ digitalizing center, ▲ electronic library system, and ▲ integrated library database in the National Library in Navoiy, Uzbekistan. Once the project is completed, an integrated library system that connects 20 local libraries in Uzbekistan with the Uzbekistan national library will be established, making it possible to convert the important library data into digital format and providing convenience to the library users.

LG CNS will cooperate with small- and medium-sized companies in Korea, including FutureNuri, inc., a provider of library solutions, to carry out the digital library project.

LG CNS successfully carried out a digital library system project for the National Library of Korea in 2008, and has proven its superiority in the ICT field by building the e-Government systems of other countries, including a cyber security center for Morocco, an emergency rescue system for Mongol, and an ICT-based education system for Columbia.

Lee Chul, a public project manager of LG CNS, said, “This digital library system will be a good opportunity for LG CNS to show its superb information and communications technologies to Uzbekistan.” He also said, “We will continue to expand the business of e-Government systems by receiving orders for an ICT-based education system, a national data center, and a new airport, which the Uzbekistan government plans to build in near future, and use the opportunity as a foothold to make inroads into the overseas e-Government markets.”

Meanwhile, LG CNS received an order or was chosen as a preferred bidder for five e-Government projects, including those of Uzbekistan, Laos, and Bahrain, contributing to the export of e-Government systems.
LG CNS has continuously expanded its e-Government business, targeting Asian and Middle East countries and plans to accelerate the business, exporting the e-Government systems to countries all around the world.

LG CNS, in the contract signing ceremony on the implementation of Uzbekistan Digital Library System

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