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Release of 'Smart ATM': Now your banking needs are addressed with your fingertip 2016-08-29

- LG CNS & LG Hitachi have launched 'Smart ATM', a self-banking service at BNK Busan Bank -

■ The first case of LG Hitachi's 'Finger Vein Recognition Technology' applied to ATM in Korea that enables non-face-to-face identification
■ A user-oriented self-banking service that helps with a variety of financial affairs
■ Bank tellers are freed from performing simple, routine jobs so that they can focus their time on more important ones

LG CNS has launched a pilot service of 'Smart ATM' at BNK Busan Bank, which applies LG Hitachi's finger vein recognition technology that enables users to address their banking needs by themselves even outside of banks' business hours.

‘Smart ATM’ is an unmanned smart device that enables non-face-to-face identification to help users address their banking needs on their own without visiting bank tellers.

■ The first case of LG Hitachi's 'Finger Vein Recognition Technology' applied to ATM in Korea
LG CNS ‘Smart ATM’ is the first case of LG Hitachi's 'Finger Vein Recognition Technology' applied to ATM in Korea.
As this newly introduced finger vein recognition technology uses the vein patterns inside a finger, the information thus obtained is anti-counterfeit and tamper-proof. It also provides a reinforced security as original images of vein patterns are not printed outside the ATM device.

In particular, LG Hitachi's Finger Vein Recognition solution is quick-to-authenticate, easy-to-use and has been adopted by more than 80% of biometric ATMs in Japan. Furthermore, the fact that it is already up and running stably in many financial institutions worldwide including those in Latin America and Europe was what made the technology preferred over other biometric technologies to be applied to the 'Smart ATM' this time.

And to ensure security, which is at the heart of any banking affairs, the Busan Bank 'Smart ATM' Finger Vein Recognition service encrypts the information of finger vein patterns and saves it in a separate place.

■ ‘Smart ATM’ is focused on the innovation of banking affairs and user convenience.
In addition to common ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) services, the Smart ATM provides services such as: ▲ signing up for a new banking product such as opening a new deposit/savings account, ▲ applying for Internet · Smart banking and having a secure card issued, ▲ applying for re-issuing of passbook/card, etc., making it convenient for users to address their banking needs through ATM.

Meanwhile, by applying a human-oriented design, the LG CNS ‘Smart ATM’ provides accessibility services for physically challenged people such as enabling wheelchair access or adjusting the eye contact level for comfortable device use. It is also designed with a focus on user convenience such as providing a video chat service in consideration of transaction times or showing frequently used banking menus in a recent time.

The Busan Bank ‘Smart ATM’ has the same operating hours as the traditional ATMs and the video chat service and the finger vein registration service are provided from 09:00 to 21:00 on weekdays.

BNK Busan Bank expects that the amount of simple and routine banking affairs that take up the majority of jobs handled by bank employees will significantly decrease thanks to the ‘Smart ATM’, so that they can focus more time on value-creating activities such as customer counselling or selling banking products.

Hitachi’s new business strategy division chief Lee Seok-hee said, “Starting with the Busan Bank Smart ATM's finger vein recognition service, we are going to extend the service to smartphones as well as to media-free simple payments to provide new and innovative values to customers based on security and convenience.”

Choi Moon-keun who is in charge of LG CNS's finance automation business said, “The Busan Bank Smart ATM is focused on providing practical values, in other words, the innovation of banking affairs handling and user convenience. Based on the technologies we have accumulated so far in the field of financial service, LG CNS will keep launching various services in the future.”

Finger vein recognition at BNK Busan Bank ‘Smart ATM’

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