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LG CNS, acquired International Standards Certification for IoT(Internet of Things) 2016-07-27

- 'oneM2M', 'CoAP protocol' certification, the first in IT services industry-

■ Ensuring compatibility and expanding IoT products and services to foreign markets with International standards certification
■ Leading to the spread of IoTuse based on low power IoT services

LG CNS(Young-Seob Kim, Representative) has recently acquired IoT(Internet of Things) International standards certification for 'oneM2M' and 'CoAP protocol', which is the first in IT services industry.

'OneM2M' is the world IoT standards participated by 230 enterprises including companies in the fields of communication, manufacturing, solutions, etc. LG CNS has laid the groundwork to enter the foreign markets as well as domestic market through this certification with IoT products and services

LG CNS has applied oneM2M based IoT platform developed in collaboration with LG U+ to LG U+ Kid Watch 'Juniver talkie' Note3) in this past January.

LG CNS has also acquired 'CoAP(Constrained Application Protocol) protocol' Certification which is a IoT messaging standards, simultaneously with oneM2M certification.

'CoAP protocol' certification also certifies the efficiency of IoT devices enabling the communication among the IoT devices in low power level in consideration of the device characteristics of constant power consumption.

"By acquiring its international standards certification which ensures compatibility among loT products as well, our IoT platform will contribute to the invigoration of IoT market ecosystem, enabling practical commercialization of low-power devices earlier." said In-hang Cho, Vice President of LG CNS's loT Business Division.

Meanwhile, in March last year, LG CNS has realized smart home services by developing Korea's first integrated home loT solution based on set-top box, enabling the connection of various IoT devices in one set-top box without additional equipment.

IoT International Standards Certificate

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