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LG CNS emerges as a strong smart transportation solution provider in Malaysia 2016-03-29

- Wins an order for the Bus Information System (BIS) development project in Penang, Malaysia -

■ LG CNS made a splendid achievement of winning another BIS project contract, following Kuala Lumpur in February
■ Case of expanding the scope of smart transportation application from mega cities to small and medium sized cities…2nd time following Latin America
■ Won the contract by beating other global IT enterprises with an independent solution, and proved the excellency of Korean transportation IT solutions

The representative IT enterprise LG CNS (CEO, Young-shub Kim) in the smart transportation area is winning projects in a row in overseas transportation IT markets, by winning out over global competitors.

LG CNS announced on the 16th of this month that they won the Bus Information System (BIS) development project for Penang City in Malaysia.

The project is designed to optimize traffic flow and streamline bus operation by applying smart technologies to 400 intra-city buses in Penang, the third largest city and island in Malaysia.

The entire project is sized at about 20 billion KRW, and a consortium will be established with the local enterprise APEX to launch the system by August 2017.

LG CNS has proved the excellence of Korea’s transportation IT solutions by obtaining order after defeating major global competitors in the transportation IT industry, by proposing an internally-developed transportation solution.

For this project, LG CNS competed with major vendors in the transportation IT business, such as Spain's largest IT enterprise Indra Sistemas S.A., GMV in Spain and IVU in Germany.

LG CNS proposed the Fleet Management System (FMS) and Auto Fare Collection (AFC) solutions that were internally developed.

LC CNS emerged as a true leading smart transportation solution provider in Malaysia by winning a contract for this project.

LG CNS is leading the core business of the Mass Rapid Transit (MTR) construction project, which is the largest transportation project in Malaysian history.

Malaysia's MRT construction project

LG CNS was selected as a service provider for the MRT Line 1 communication system development in 2012 (worth 140 billion KRW in total), and won a contract for MRT branch line bus system development project in February this year, which connects 31 MRT stations in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur and residential areas.

Prior to this, LG CNS successfully implemented Kuala Lumpur Bus Ticketing System (BTS) and Platform Screen Door (PSD) system development projects in 2011.

At the same time, LG CNS has gained an advantage in follow-up projects in Malaysia by obtaining order for this project.

The Malaysian government plans to spend, using government funds, a total of more than 30 trillion KRW on this year's MRT Line 2 project as well as Line 3 in the future.

This project is meaningful in that it is a case of expanding smart transportation from the mega cities to medium to small cities.

LG CNS has already experienced this type of success in Latin America before.

In 2011, LG CNS won the contract of the public transportation AFC(Automatic Fee Collection) and FMS(Fleet Management System) development project for Bogota, the capital of Colombia (worth about 300 billion KRW in total), and successfully implemented the project. (* Transportation system project for Bogota in Colombia)

As the superiority of LG CNS’s self-developed transportation solution was proven in mega cities like Seoul and Bogota, the small Colombian city of Pasto selected LG CNS as their BIS project service provider last November.

The BIS development project for Penang city on this occasion is based on LG CNS’ successful implementation of various transportation projects in Malaysia until now.

“The excellence of our transportation solutions is proved again by winning a contract for this project. We will strengthen our position as a leading service provider by expanding the follow-up project to small and medium-sized cities in Latin America, Europe and the Middle East, besides Southeast Asia,” said Eung-jun Lee, Vice President of LG CNS's Smart Transportation Business Division.

The kick-off meeting image of Penang Bus System project won by LG CNS

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