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Conditions for building a complete infrastructure
  • Satisfying the recommendations (draft) for disaster recovery centers set forth by Korea’s Financial Supervisory Service
    • Meets IDC security and reliability standards
    • Redundant air conditioning and power facilities
    • Operation of state of the art security facilities
    • Structurally stable building ready for severe earthquakes
    • UPS and power generator redundancy
  • Ample work space and convenience facilities during disasters and virtual training exercises
Systematic and effective project performance
  • Evaluation and review of disaster recovery plans and proceedings
  • Evaluation and review of virtual training plans and processes
  • Auditing by an outside expert consulting firm
  • Introduction of global standards
Operation and virtual training exercises from expert staff based on abundant experience
  • Presentation of systematic backup center operations proposals
    • Staff with ample experience in backup center construction and operations
    • Permanent expert staff presence for each factor within the center
    • Construction of a separate operations office for maintenance of security
    • Staff formation with abundant operations experience in each field
    • Support for necessary expert education in operation of backup centers
  • 24 hours a day‚ 365 days a year operating system
  • Support for execution of virtual training exercises for disaster scenarios
Consulting that applies systematic methodology
  • Optimization of project success rates and management efficiency using LG CNS⁄s proven methodology
    • Establishment and control of optimized work schedules
    • Efficient organizational management and business formation systems
    • A staged quality assurance methodology
    • Systematic disaster recovery center security policy
    • Support from outside experts for building of a successful disaster recovery center
  • Disaster recovery plan
  • Establishment of an emergency plan and response scenarios
Optimization through deployment of DR construction related know-how
  • Disaster recovery center building experience in the financial and public sector
  • Accumulated expertise on issues arising during construction of backup centers‚ and their solutions
    • Systems designed for system scalability
    • Maintenance of data redundancy during testing and virtual training exercises
    • Conversion of main centers and backup centers during disasters
  • Presentation of diverse solutions and instantaneous data mirroring
  • Complete technical support from LG CNS and the manufacturer


End-to-end redundant power facilities

  • Exclusive connection through a ground level channel from the substation
  • Physically redundant and separated power supply route
Backup guarantee

  • Securing of 100% backup of facilities capacity(Transformers, circuit breakers‚ ALTS)
  • Securing of 100% backup for uninterruptable power facilities

Data Center Operations Capacity

LG CNS is the first in the ITO industry to secure both eSCM Level 4 and ISO 20000 certification to secure global standard quality systems.

  • Model for evaluation of capabilities of IT service providers
  • The entire process area of IT sourcing is covered‚ from performance of the service agreement to its closure
  • After L3 certification in 2003‚ L4 certification was attained in 2005 (the world⁄s first in the ITO field)
  • Provision of detailed best practices in operations in service performance and provision
  • Standardization on the ITIL criteria for ISO20000
  • After certification in 2005for three customers and three organizations, expansion to all areas after 2006 and maintenance of certification