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Case Study

Case Study view
Company 02 Telecommunication & Media Sector
Customer Requirement

Company 02 needed a high supply of power for each unit rack in line with its own power guidelines. It also required reduced co-location space to save on operating expenses, and network neutrality to enable the intake of diverse ISP lines.

▶ Company 02 required 4.4Kw of power per rack for cost efficient DC operations

▶ Company 02 requested an entire floor at the LG CNS Seoul Hub Center

▶ Company 02 required customized DC power provision according to its IDC guide.

Service Offering

▶ Service & Area : Co-location Service ( ㎡)

▶ Terms of Service : 5years

▶ Data Center : Gasan Data Center

▶ Features :
- Provision of a center customized to Company 02’s facilities
- Provision of network neutrality

Customer Benefit

▶ Company 02 was able to receive supply of high power per unit rack

▶ Company 02 was provided with a center customized to its facilities requirements

▶ By reducing the co-location space operational costs were reduced.

▶ Provision of network neutral service allowed Company 02 to secure diverse ISP lines

▶ Long term and stable co-location was secured (for the next five years)

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