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Case Study

Case Study view
Company 01 Telecommunication & Media Sector
Customer Requirement

Company 01 needed high power for each unit rack in accordance with the power guidelines required by headquarters. It also required reduced co-location space to save on operating expenses, and network neutrality to enable the intake of diverse ISP lines.

▶ According to forecasts for the increase in power demand over the next five years Yahoo Korea required approximately 2Mw of power.

▶ Company 01 required 4.4Kw of power per rack for cost efficient DC operations (At the time, standard power in the industry was 2.2kw per rack, and no center was able to provide twice the power per unit rack)

Service Offering

▶ Service & Area : Co-location Service ( ㎡)

▶ Terms of Service : 5years

▶ Data Center : Sangam IT Data Center

▶ Features :
- Development of a 4.4kw/rack power supply solution as per Yahoo Korea′s requirements
- Provision of network neutrality

Customer Benefit

▶ Company 01 was able to receive high power supply per unit rack in line with the power guide from headquarters

▶ By having the Seoul Core Center pass the facilities audit from headquarters, the status of Company 01 was increased

▶ By reducing co-location space operational costs were reduced.

▶ Provision of network neutral service allowed Yahoo Korea to secure diverse ISP lines.

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