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Case Study

Case Study view
Company 06 Public Sector
Customer Requirement

The Company 06 needed a data center that could provide stability in operations based on experiences in state of the art integrated security and expertise in data center operations. It also needed to save on operational costs by reducing co-location space, as well as network neutrality to enable the intake of diverse ISP lines.

▶ The Company 06 required a top class secure data center safe from natural and man made disasters

▶ The Company 06 required state of the art integrated security in light of the characteristics of its duties

▶ The Company 06 required that the prospective firm have experience and expertise in running data centers

Service Offering

▶ Service & Area : Co-location Service ( ㎡)

▶ Terms of Service : 3years

▶ Data Center : Sangam IT Data Center, Gasan Data Center (DR)

▶ Features :
- Provision of an aseismic design equivalent to specs for a nuclear power plant, and provision of security through completely redundant systems
- Provision of LG CNS’s experience and expertise from operating a data center for more than 20 years
- Provision of network neutrality

Customer Benefit

▶ Through aseismic design and complete redundancy in facilities, the Company 06 was able to receive stable data center services

▶ LG CNS was able to prove data center stability by attracting the main and DR centers for core financial transaction systems

▶ Network neutral line service enabled securing of diverse ISP lines

▶ Long term and stable co-location was secured (for the next three years)

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