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Case Study

Case Study view
Company 05 Telecommunication & Media Sector
Customer Requirement

As an IX business, Company 05 required a center that can accept open network policies that do not rely on a specific communications service provider. Furthermore, with the increase in hosting business, and the development of cloud and smartphone environments, Company 05 needed to secure a center with a long-term perspective to accept new services. Such characteristics meant that Company 05 needed a center that could handle its needs regarding network operations policy, including a stable data center, Internet POP, and international connecting networks.
Communications based IDC businesses have limited customer choice when using services provided only over their own lines. Uniform co-location services had limitations in providing a center appropriate to Company 05’s environment.

Service Offering

▶ Service & Area : Co-location Service (1,400㎡)

▶ Terms of Service : 5years

▶ Data Center : Gasan Data Center

▶ Features :
- Provision of a customized Data center reflecting customer requirements
- Provision of network neutrality

Customer Benefit

▶ Continuous expansion of the scale of co-location contributed to increased revenues, leading to secondary orders for projects

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