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Case Study

Case Study view
Company 04 Financial Sector
Customer Requirement

Company 04 was notified by headquarters in Japan that the main and DR centers were both located in a general use building rather than a building purpose built as a data center.

▶ Company 04 needed to build a DRC in an exclusive use building

▶ Company 04 required a BCP room to ensure the ability to work during virtual training exercises and disasters

▶ The Tohoku Earthquake in Japan further highlighted the urgent need for a DRC and BCP room

Service Offering

▶ Service & Area : Co-lcation Service (Computer room 20㎡, BCP room 132㎡)

▶ Terms of Service : 3years

▶ Data Center : Gasan Data Center

▶ Features :
- Provision of a state of the art data center safe from disasters
- Provision of a BCP room exclusive space

Customer Benefit

▶ Company 04 was provided with a state of the art data center guaranteed against natural disasters

▶ The data center was praised by the bank’s Japanese headquarters as a data center endowed with the latest technology well suited for DR

▶ This marked the first entrance by a Japanese bank

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