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LG CNS Provides Professional Services including comprehensive diagnosis and optimization, BCP/DR, and security consulting on infrastructure building blocks, from data center construction‚
data transfer consulting and performance‚ and operating processes up to completion of systems based on its more than 1‚100 infrastructure experts‚ and 24 years of systems operations and management expertise.

Security and access control


LG CNS′s security monitoring service performs continuous preventive activity to minimize the occurrence of security incidents‚ to provide a total security service that detects and responds to potential risks in real time when they occur‚ preventing the expansion of damages

Provides high quality control service 24 hours a day‚ 365 days a year
  • Use of intrusion risk information within the LG global environment
  • Dispatch of monitoring personnel dedicated to CNS
  • Hacking response expert personnel CERT team operated
Unified cyber intrusion response system
  • Dispersed → integrated‚ unified intrusion response system
  • Realization of effective security policy‚ management efficiency
Provision of a customer centered service portal
  • Window for communication with customers
  • Provision of a security statistics
Security monitoring framework

Security monitoring framework