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LG CNS Provides Professional Servicesincluding comprehensive diagnosis and optimization‚ BCP⁄DR‚ and security consulting on infrastructure building blocks‚ from data center construction,
data transfer consulting and performance‚ and operating processes up to completion of systems based on its more than 1‚100 infrastructure experts‚ and 24 years of systems operations and management expertise.



To ensure the continuity of customers⁄ business during natural disasters‚ LG CNS provides BCP consulting‚ disaster recovery system building‚ and operational services based on its building methodology (Method+BCP)

BCP consulting
  • Analysis and evaluation f risk and potential impact from natural disasters on business and establishment of effective disaster recovery plans.
    • Analysis of degree of impact and risk on business
    • Restoration priority setting and RTO⁄RPO determination
    • Presentation of DR system building directions
    • Emergency plan establishment
  • Provision of a DR system development road map including analysis of degree of impact on customer business during natural disasters in existing disaster recovery systems‚ diagnosis of recovery levels and establishment of plans‚ and designing of disaster recovery systems
    • Evaluation of disaster recovery levels and diagnosis
    • Deduction of needed improvements in disaster recovery systems
    • BCP⁄DRP development road-map
Disaster recovery center building
  • To ensure continuity of customer⁄s business against natural disasters‚ LG CNS builds appropriate DR systems for backup⁄recovery targets (RTO⁄RPO)
    • Design of disaster recovery systems and introduction of resources
    • Building of a disaster recovery center
    • System and network building
    • Unit⁄comprehensive testing for each DR system resource
Operation of a disaster recovery center
  • Provides effective and stable operations and management by establishing operating organizations and proceedings for DR systems and virtual training exercises etc.
    • Establishment of an operating organization system and operating proceedings
    • Maintenance of a disaster recovery system and environment
    • Regular virtual training exercises
    • Change management in systems and disaster recovery systems

BCP / DR img

Consulting services


LG CNS performs enterprise level BCP consulting, including IT BCP consulting encompassing business impact analysis during natural disasters‚ recovery strategy establishment‚ execution plans for emergency plan realization based on analysis of customers⁄ business and IT environments‚ as well as core duties‚ project duties and risk management.

Consulting based on advanced disaster recovery methodology
  • Consulting based on DRI International BCP proceedings
  • LG CNS standard methodology IPR application
Total life cycle perspective consulting
  • Differentiated recovery strategies in line with analysis of business system priority
  • Strategy for each life cycle, including new investments from a BCP perspective, and transfer of business
  • Drafting of a feasible implementation plan
Consulting based on LG CNS's building experience
  • Application of proven solutions tested in the real world
  • Large–scale disaster recovery system building experience
  • (LG joint disaster recovery center‚ Industrial Bank of Korea‚ LPL disaster recovery system etc.)
Consulting service framework

Consulting service framework img

Building of the disaster recovery center


Data to be restored under normal conditions is safely replicated to a secure location. During natural disasters‚ the disaster recovery system (DRS) operates. IT infrastructure including systems and networks etc. is designed and built to enable recommencement of business during such emergencies.

Service characteristics


Establishment of strategies for building of a disaster recovery center
  • Securing of data stability and minimization of damages
  • Built for scalability‚ operating efficiency‚ and economy
Mutual backup system through both centers
  • Mutual backup system available
    between data centers at the Core
    (Sangam) and Hub (Gasan) Centers
Provision of diverse disaster recovery center building solutions
  • Provision of solutions corresponding to customers’ business needs
  • Resource reservation‚ real time DB shadowing‚ real time log backup‚ and real time disk mirroring
Composition (example)

Composition (example)

Operation of the disaster recovery center


LG CNS provides IT infrastructure services based on its globally certified base of operations‚ including its organizational systems‚ operational processes (both for normal operation and during disasters)‚ emergency plans‚ and virtual training exercises etc. to continuously maintain and manage the goals of its disaster recovery systems

Service details


Disaster recovery center organization system
  • Normal operation organization system
  • Emergency operation system during disasters
  • Composition of human resources and job definition
Operations processes under normal conditions
  • DRC operations criteria
  • DRC operations business
  • Detailed Operations processes
Operation processes during disasters
  • Response principles
  • Guidelines for each role
  • Response system for each situation
  • Operating procedures
Virtual training exercise proceedings
  • Establishment of virtual training exercise
  • proceedings
    Prior preparations
  • Evaluation and estimation of results
  • Reflection of results
Resource management standards and proceedings
  • Introduction and distribution of system resources
  • System operations and management standards
  • User management standards
  • Backup standards

Target and scope


Network management
  • DR center main network equipment status
  • DWDM equipment status confirmation
  • Network status confirmation
  • Confirmation of status of exclusive lines to outside organizations
System management
  • System error events
  • System capacity information ¯ CPU‚ Memory‚ Disk
  • DBMS status etc.
System operations
  • Security management
  • Integrated monitoring
Disaster recovery
  • Establishment of recovery processes to prepare for occurrence of disasters and recovery
Backup management
  • Remote backup and media management prioritizing data for business
Data mirroring
  • Mirroring session status and disk I⁄O delay monitoring
  • Storage memory status
  • Data transmission signal and speed
  • Target disk status confirmation