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LG CNS Provides Professional Services including comprehensive diagnosis and optimization‚ BCP⁄DR‚ and security consulting on infrastructure building blocks, from data center construction‚
data transfer consulting and performance‚ and operating processes up to completion of systems based on its more than 1‚100 infrastructure experts‚ and 24 years of systems operations and management expertise.

Data center migration


LG CNS‚ as a leader in Korea′s IT industry and the implementer of various IT projects‚ has prepared a standardized methodology and a precise guide for successful and effective support of business.

Data migration diagnosis process
  • LG CNS’s process for migration of information systems is divided into five areas: hardware‚ software‚ databases‚ networks‚ andphysicalbase environments. The first stage is information system diagnosis andevaluation‚ and includes system diagnosis preparation‚
    environment analysis, system diagnosis‚ and evaluation.The second stage is information system migration decision making‚ and includes the establishment of alternatives‚ evaluation‚ and selection. These two processes define the stages of decision making for migration
Implementation of data migration and management
  • The migration process management stage consists of three processes, migration preparations‚ implementation‚ and evaluation⁄completion during the stage of active implementation of migration. The migration process consists of migration preparations, migration plan establishment, and virtual testing. The information system migration implementation process consists of virtual testing analysis⁄confirmation and migration of information systems activities.
    The final process consists of evaluation of migration of information systems‚ while the concluding process consists of arranging the final output, evaluating the migration‚ and preparing a final report.

Data center migration methodology


LG CNS provides systematic and stable data migration services in accordance with its proven application methodology for each field in numerous data center migrationprojects. It also provides systematic monitoring and management of current status and issues etc.with respect to overall migration based on its own systematic migration management tools (comprehensive status bulletins) during migration projects.
Such management tools can minimize costs and disruption to customer business due to risk factors arising in connection to emergency plans. Migration plans are divided into uninterrupted and simple migrations in accordance with customers⁄business environment and needs‚ and are each implemented using adetailed standardized process

Planning methodology
  • Highly Integrated Power Supply
  • As energy costs using cost-effective high–power
Data center migration methodology
  • Based on 20 years of experience in moving data centers
  • Divided into practices andactivities for each stage
  • Includes uninterrupted migration and offline migration
Data center migration methodology
  • Process automation tools
  • Operations process, proceedings‚ quality management
  • Divided into five stage process⁄activity modules
  • Detailed operations are WBS integrated
Application methodology for each field

Application methodology for each field img