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The Trend in today’s Industry is shifting from owning your own IT facilities toward using computing power only when you need it. LG CNS has been building its expertise in systems development and management since 1987‚ and maintains experts on staff in everything from applications to infrastructure and operations to provide cloud services that meet its customers’ needs.
LG CNS develops and provides cloud automation assets optimized for use withvDataCenters and vHosting‚ vDesktops‚ andvApps‚ for increased data agility and optimum user convenience

vDataCenter, vHosting, vDesktop, vApps btn

Cloud Service


  • The vData Center‚ as LGCNS′s exclusive cloud infrastructure data center service‚ provides the capacity‚ expandability‚ usability‚ and strong security levels required by businesses for data center services

vDataCenter img

  • By providing a virtualization based PC‚ information security‚ mobility‚ and operating convenience is enhanced

vDesktop img

  • vHosting is a virtual hosting service that provides flexible services in a cloud infrastructure

vHositing img

  • vApps is an enterprise SaaS cloud service that provides business application services based on LGCNS′s diverse references and accumulated expertise

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