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The LG CNS Incheon Data Center is Korea's first building dedicated exclusively to data processing services and was designed to leverage state of the art construction and facilities to provide services at international standards. The center is earthquake proof, and is equipped with a complete backup system for power, UPS, communications, air, and disaster preparedness facilities to provide uninterrupted data processing services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
As a state of the art data center that meets international standards, the Incheon Center satisfies all criteria for security for financial information net works and computing center facilities.

Building outline
  • Construction commenced : 1992
  • Scale : 1 underground floor, 3 above
  • Site area : 7,329㎡ (2,217 pyeong)
  • Floor area : 14,326㎡ (4,334 pyeong)
  • Machine Room area : 4,073㎡ (1,232 pyeong)
  • Exclusive power supply for both main and reserve power‚ redundant backup power system

locations img



Earthquake facilities
  • Exclusive power supply for both main and reserve power‚ redundant backup power system–Earthquake resistant design: Up to 6.0 on the Richter scale
Floods (tsunamis, floods)
  • Located in an area with no history of natural disasters (including earthquakes‚ floods‚ lightning storms etc.)
  • As the site is 30cm higher than the surrounding area, natural drainage occurs during torrential rains
  • The first floor is 60cm higher thanthe surrounding area‚ making it safe from torrential rains
  • No pipes or water bearing facilities are located in the upper area of the machine room‚ and there is no risk of leakage (waterless ‘dry’ sprinklers are installed in the offices during normal operation)



Power supply method

Power supply method img

  • Power provision is completely redundant from power supply to rack power
UPS and emergency power generation

UPS and emergency power generation img

  • Redundant exclusive UPS and physically redundant lines
  • Emergency power generator



As the first facility to receive the energy for cooling from a large-scale plant facility from Korea District Heating Corporation‚ the Incheon Center has access to plentiful supplies of cooling energy resources‚ while maintaining redundant cooling facilities and pipes as backup to ensure consistent maintenance of temperature and humidity in the computer rooms

Cooling systems

Cooling systems img

  • Main supply : Cold water from Korea District Heating Corporation
  • Backup : Emergency distributed cooling source
  • Redundant heat transferor and coolant circulation pump
  • Redundant coolant supply pipes
Isothermal-humidity systems

Isothermal-humidity systems img

  • Format : Cold water
  • Humidification : electrode type
  • Backup thermo–hygrostats installed



Building security systems

Building security systems img

  • Complete laser sensor system and redundant monitoring to detect unauthorized entry
  • CCTV cameras installed throughout the entire building and operation of a security office
  • All ventilation shafts that can be used for unauthorized entry into the building have been closed
  • CCTV cameras are installed in all areas of the machine room, and monitoring is performed (command&control)
  • Entry by pests‚ including rodents‚ is deterred by ultrasonic devices installed in the machine room and in base facilities rooms
Entry/exit controlsystem

Entry/exit controlsystem img

  • Lobby entry/exit control
  • Redundant entry/exit control through an RF card key and iris biometric recognition systems